WTC incident 9/11/2001

9/11/2001 11:52AM Almost all news website are down due to the flood of traffic from people who want to see what's going on.  Since the TV signal transmitters on top of the world trade center are down, most of my friends can't even see what's going on from TV.  Here are some video captured from cable TV.  Don't spread the words. Otherwise, this site will be flooded by other traffic and will be down like the CNN and MSNBC. 2MB 12 secs 4MB 24 secs 2MB 11 secs 2MB 10 secs 6MB 39 secs 19MB 62 secs 1.3MB 30 secs 5MB 19 secs

Very clear view: 4MB 16 secs
Smaller video with sound - 12MB 79 secs

9/11/01 2pm Our Internet connection is gone due to the collapse of WTC building 7.  There are many major internet pipe underneath that building.  The office where my web server located near WTC also got power shut off.  I have to relocated my web site to another location.

9/12/01 6:45pm  "The next day".  Since all roads are closed, all walked down to Chinatown and attempted to get close to WTC and see how things are going.   However, barricades have been setup on Canal Street.  Nobody are allowed to get near ground zero.  I then walked back home and went to a near by park, Union Square Park, and took some video. 

Union Square

Video - 10MB 67 seconds. /

Video - 5.5MB 19 seconds NO SOUND. /


9/12/01 6:48pm My camera is broken so I had to take pictures using my DV camcorder.

You'll need Divx 4.01 ( )to watch the Video.

14th Street and 3rd Ave check point. Looking up north from 12th Street.

Nothing much here. Just 80 seconds video around the 14th Street security check point (18MB):

Checkpoint again

Video - 2.3MB 10 seconds NO SOUND

14th Street and Broadway. Lookup up North. Union Square Park and Empire State Building is in the background.

Video - 9.5MB 36 seconds. /

9/12/01 7:15pm My block - 12th Street

Empty 3rd Ave - Very eerie.  No cars on these busy east village streets is unheard of. 

Video - 3.5MB 22 seconds /

Empty 4th Ave

Video - 2MB 11 seconds NO SOUND /


9/12/01 9:08pm  We have some heroes!

Watch about it (1.5MB 2 minutes): 4thPlan-100.asf

Read about it:

9/13/01 4:31pm  WARNING: Watch it if you want to cry.
familyMissing.asf 3.3MB


9/14/01 10:56am  A lift-up video. 7.3MB 97 seconds.

You'll need Divx 4.01 ( to watch the Divx4 Video.

A lower quality streaming (100kb/sec) version: Producer-divx4L.asf 1.2MB