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Millennium Page - Unofficial

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8/6/97 Ever since I have my original Millennium card setup and got all the problems down, I'm some happy with it. So stable, no more trouble. That's why I haven't been update this site for a looooong time. But I'll be getting a Millennium II soon when I get my next computer sometimes..... hmmm.. Xmas? Maybe. I guess you can find out here later. Wesley.

Below is the long haven't been updated information about the original Matrox Millennium card:

This page won't really have everything you want to know about this Matrox MGA Millennium. I like to keep it short and sweet. It won't tell you how to configure the card or how to install the software or what is the spec of this card. They're all in the manual. What I have here is either not in the manual or at least not easily found in the manual.

If you're reading this page, most likely you're thinking of getting it or you're having trouble with the card. If so, you're at the right place.

Case 1 - You don't have the card

Case 2 - You're thinking of getting the daugter board MediaXL or MediaXL-MPEG.

Case 3 - The AVI and MPEG playback without the daugter board at full screen seems sluggish?

Case Else

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