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Introducing the power source: EY/PowerSource International Tax Planning and Compliance Software System. Now, more than ever, multinational corporations need international tax software power...

  • Power to plan transactions and evaluate tax positions in order to maximize your bottom line.

  • Power to streamline your tax compliance process.

  • Power to leverage your investment in Windows technology.

EY/PowerSource gives you the power to seamlessly integrate international tax planning and compliance in the flexible, familiar Microsoft Windows environment. It's created by the tax professionals of Ernst & Young, known for serving multinational corporations with leading-edge tax solutions. There's nothing like it.

EY/PowerSource handles all the data management and computations to prepare IRS Forms 5471 and 1118. It lets you explore the effects of changes in your tax return, evaluate planning ideas, and project your future tax environment. It's flexible and easy to use with open database architecture and all of Microsoft Excel's functionality.

Now isn't that the power you need?

To find out more, view the PowerSource press release or call Susan Eng at Ernst & Young at 1(800)EYPWR96.

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