Nikon Coolpix 950 Telescope setup

Nikon Coolpix 950 has a 28mm object lens. In order to use any generic filters or any generic adapters, you need a step-up ring. I got mine from CKC Power. For telescope hook up, you usually need two additional components (other than your telescope and your camera): A T-Adapters and a T-Ring.

1) T-Adapters - Since you can project the image directly onto the CCD directly for the usual Astro-photo setup, you can choose prime-focus or eyepiece projection techniques. However, you cannot remove the lens from the Coolpix 950. Eyepiece projection is the only way to go. Therefore, you cannot use the simple T-Adapter.

You have to get a Variable Tele-Extender Camera Adapter. for SCT (Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes). Since I have both a SCT and a refractor, I bought a Universal Camera Adapter (Item# G321). The adapter slides into the eyepiece holder as an eyepiece normally would. Orion Telescope sells them for $37.95 plus shipping. I strongly recommend the Universal Camera Adapter. I'll explain later with sample pictures. (If the link doesn't work, search for item G321 from

2) T-Ring - This one was a tricky one. Since the Coolpix 950 is not a standard 35mm camera, you cannot just get the generic T-rings. CKC Power comes to the rescue. They make a "28mm to T-mount" adapter that fits right between your coolpix 950 and the T-Adapter. CKC Power sells them for $28.99 plus shipping.

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