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09/08/14 Surprise! I'm still here. Server was hacked and wiped again over 10 years ago and lost all of the website content. All of the 9/11 pictures and video are gone as well. I got so frustrated that I just didn't want to bother rebuild the site again.

Thanks to wayback machine, most of my site contents were backed up. I don't have to recreate most of the pages! So, wesley.net is back. :) (Lot of pages and links are still linking back to the WayBack machine since I do not have those contents any more.)

02/17/03 Blizzard 2003! I haven't have that much fun playing with snow in the city since the blizzard back in 96.  (^_^)

[Quote from ny1.com]


After nearly 24 hours of continuous accumulation, the Blizzard of '03 ended Monday night after dumping more than 19 inches of snow on the five boroughs, leaving city residents to dig themselves out following the Presidents' Day holiday.

Monday's storm was the single biggest snow storm since the two-day Blizzard of '96.

The official measuring station in Central Park recorded 19.8 inches of accumulation, less than half an inch shy of the 20.2 inches recorded on January 7-8, 1996. The snowfall made Monday's blizzard the fourth-heaviest storm since the city began keeping records in 1868.

Queens received 25 inches of snow, while Brooklyn received 20, the Bronx 18.3 and Staten Island 18 inches...
[End quote]

01/26/03 Just came back from my Banff ski trip.  I'm almost done updating my picture archive.  You can go to my picture page to check what I have so far.  

For those who also went to this trip and like to share your pictures with other Ski Klub members, please email me for the FTP server info.

02/05/02 I just received a Chinese New Year card from Winnie. She's an old friend from high school. What a surprise. I lost contact with almost all of them many years ago. I wrote her back via email and told her about this website. Just saying hi to her here. (^_^)

Another of my high school classmate created a website about the history and culture of Yuen Long, Hong Kong. Yuen Long is where I went to high school and it's a nice little town with some quite unique characters. His website is http://yl.com.hk


12/04/01 Exceptionally warm weather and beautiful clear sky last night.  I found a little time to carry my small telescope up on to the roof of my apartment building and took some prime focus pictures on some easy stellar objects. 

After using the Polaris to align the scope, my first target was the Jupiter.  Then the Saturn.  These two winter jewels are both bright and beautiful.  I took some pictures of them and their satellites.  Unfortunately, even the 1 second exposure were found to be too bright.  The planets were totally washed out and became just some big white dots.   Then I went on to another big bright stellar object, the Orion Nebular.  I just started to experiment with different exposure settings, the camera battery died on me.  There wasn't enough juice to take the dark frame to cancel out the long exposure picture noise for the Orion Nebular.  It's really too bad.  Gotta do that again sometimes. 

When I was thinking of packing up, I looked at the sky and it was amazingly clear.  So I decided to do a little more stargazing.  However, the battery for my telescope doesn't quite agree with me.  Before the scope reaches another object, the battery died.  I had to loosen up the gear to manually steer the scope.  To fine tune where I want it to point without battery was found to be impossible.  So before I called it a day (or night), I had it point to the moon and took a couple of pictures by using just a bit left over battery from the camera.

11/30/01 While doing some clean up, I took my telescopes out and set them up for some prime focus photography testing.  Since I've never mounted SLR camera on to my scope before, I went to Adorama, NY, to get a T-mount for it.  I was surprised that the T-mount cost only $15.  :)  I took some pictures both on the setup and through the scopes .  Quite amazing quality.

9/11/01  You think I would have mood to update the webpage on that day?  No, but some of my friends don't even get TV since the towers went down.  I created some video and pictures just to keep them informed.

6/30/01 I haven't update my web page for a loooong time.  Too busy with live.   After I got my Nikon Coolpix 950 , I went back to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks and took a lot of pictures back in May of 1999.  Thereafter, I got married and now have a baby girl.  You know how busy it is with your first child.

What makes me suddenly update my page?   I got a soliciting email today telling me about a new website called First Name Domains that has a listing of my domain wesley.net.  I usually just delete all junk email without looking but this one sounded interesting so I hopped on there and took a look. This is their review of my site:  Wesley is a telescope enthusiast, whose site presents a question which has bothered us since beginning the project.  Why do pages stop being updated? Wesley for example has three diary pages, but hasn’t updated since May 1999. Where are you Wes? Hope nothing’s happened to you . . .

Well, just to let you know.  I'm alive and well.  :-)


5/15/99 After over a week of trying all of the features of the Nikon Coolpix 950 , I now have over 600 pictures to sort out to create some new webpages. The latest attempt was to try to hook up the Coolpix 950 with a Takahashi FS-102 refractor telescope.

Take a look at my first day time testing page.  If you have the Coolpix 950 and a telescope, you may want to check out my Coolpix 950 with Telescope setup How-to page also.

8/14/98   I just came back from my Niagara Fall weekend trip on Sunday. Pretty tired from the long drive. Anyway, I am making a major renovation here. If you prefer to visit my old home page, it's still here. Most people who come to my page just want to see my pictures, they are still under my Pictures Page.

You might wonder why all of a sudden with all these changes. For one, these pages haven't been really updated since I first learnt HTML back in 1990. From time to time, I get messages from someone surfed onto my page asking why they can't get to certain links. Well, I guess whoever I link to no longer have their pages or they've moved or something.

Anyway, that's not the primany reason that made me change my pages. For the past couple of months, a lot of things happened. The one that troubled me the most is my new landlords's harassment. Well, harassment may be a little too strong a word to use, but I did feel like being harassed.

The fiasco started when... Well, come back soon. I'm still working on it.
(note to myself: don't forget to mention the big helper, NYC Rent Guidelines Board)

Besides the landlord fiasco, a friend of mine had an US reentry problem from the Canadian border from the Niagara Falls weekend trip. More detail later...

It's 8/14, and I just got my personal tax return done. (;^_^)
Did you know if you use FedEx, you have to send your tax return to a different address? Thanks to the IRS and NYS Tax & Finance websites, I got all of those information without calling a single number or waiting on line. I also downloaded quite a few Forms that I needed also.


The page that about me still haven't updated much. Again, my most popular Pictures Page is still here. A lot of outtings and a lot my friends' pictures there. Regarding my favorite sports, skiing, I dedicated a domain name www.goskiing.net for it.  Yea, go skiing! Y(^-^)Y
This domain is new and it has nothing there yet though.

I still love to go camping during the summer, just my girlfriend doesn't like it that much so I can't go too offen. My not too updated Camping page is still here. I created that page when I needed to prepare for a camping trip the very first time few years ago. I found quite a few very useful links that like to share with everyone. Besides Camping, I also like to do rollarblading and stargazing . I also dedicated a domain name www.stargazing.net for my stargazing friends, but I've been quite busy and doesn't have anything there yet.

I covered my hobbies for winters and summer, all outdoors. Indoors hobbies? I'm glad that you ask. PlayStation! I collected quite a bit of information about this game console. Tips, tricks, their CD formats, their protection techniques, etc. This Playsataion page is also one of the old not-so-updated one. There are way too many website dedicated to this game console already. I don't think I'll ever update it.

My most favorite hobby used to be around the computer stuff, but I got to a point that my time is more important to spend on other places. Once upon a time, I got so excited about a graphic card that I purchased. It was a Matrox MGA Graphic card. I then created a Page for the card. It was one of my most loverable video card. But then, you know how computer revolutions go. The card became very outdated. I'm not going to update this page neither.

Enough of my stuff? Why don't you check out some of my OLD links.


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