Nikon Coolpix 950

dcp02036%20copy.jpg6/18/99 Most of the webpages that I wanted to do with this Nikon Coolpix 950 have been done. I just came back from a Hong Kong trip this week. I took over 200 pictures during the trip. Soon, I'll create another webpage for it.

5/15/99 Since there are MANY very nice webpages for Nikon Coolpix 950, I'm not going to do any detail review for this camera. For Coolpix 950 reviews, check out my link area below.

So, what do I have here. Not much yet. Ever since I got this Coolpix 950, I've been very busy taking pictures. Just to test out all of the features of this new toy. I still haven't had time to pick out some better pictures to create webpages yet. Here are the pages I have and I will have:






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