Nikon Coolpix 950 Telescope Final Setup

dscn0574.jpg Here is the final setup. The eyepiece and the barlow are inside the Camera Adapter. It just looks like a giant eyepiece.
dcp02032.jpg When I need to change the eyepiece, just loosen the two screws on the top part of the Camera Adapter. Leave the top part of the Camera Adapter attach to the camera. No need to twise-on/twise-off the 28mm-to-T-mount adapter off the camera.
dcp02041.jpg See? Very straight forward.
dcp02036.jpg Here is the complete setup. Since you see the Coolpix 950 is in these pictures, obviously I was not using the Coolpix to take these pictures. They were taken using a Kodak DC210 which famous for the nothing-really-in-focus.

If you look closely to the camera's LCD screen, you can see I had the telescope pointing to the same brick wall. The view is now filling up the whole screen.

Now the setup is good. Although the sky is already dark, I just have to try it out. Let's go up to the roof top and take some pictures.

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